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Paper straws the beginnings


The ban on plastic straws on the European continent is generating a new craze for industries specializing in the production of this essential accessory for cocktails. Market regulation on single-use plastics gives way to a new market, paper straw. Invented by Marvin Stone who then created the company STONE specializing in the production of paper straw, later with the discovery of plastic materials, the company specialized in plastic straw, revolutionary at the time.


Review paper straw (made of traditional paper)


Opinions on paper straw are mixed, currently paper straw is the most economical alternative to the evolution of regulation. Indeed conventional paper straw is certainly more expensive than plastic straw but remains affordable compared to other viable alternatives on the market.


There are many feedbacks on paper straw, certainly economic and ecological, paper straws made with traditional paper are not very resistant. The major problem is the quality, the straw takes just over 6 minutes in a drink at room temperature. The paper dilutes in the glass and alters the taste of the drink. After a few minutes the paper straw tears, breaks, breaks up, quickly becoming a floating waste in the glass.

Customers are therefore rather hesitant about this alternative


Our company OSTONE offers paper straws that are super resistant to contact with hot drinks. Mineral paper straw can withstand almost 2 hours in water at 100 ° C, while our resistant fiber straw can withstand 1 hour in water at 100 ° C, tested and approved by the certification company SGS.


McDonald's paper straw


McDonald's restaurant chain made headlines in 2019 according to The Sun study, internal company note says paper straws would end up in the trash and then burn. Why? The straws are too thick (composed of 4 layers of 135 micrometers) to be treated, recycled and / or reused. This waste combustion practice emits even more greenhouse gases than plastic straws.

Following this study, OSTONE undertakes to produce straws composed of 3 layers of 135 micrometer paper ensuring optimum thickness for the recyclability of the material in conventional waste centers.


Carcinogenic paper straw


Paper straws can be easily personalized by paper printing and provide interesting and more attractive patterns for branding a brand. Unfortunately, this branding has a heavy price, the inks used are in direct contact with the drink and the body. This interaction has recently been shown to be toxic to the human body, FDA inks might be responsible for many cancers, including prostate cancer. Thus, paper straws would be toxic when printed with ink, however it poses no direct danger. Therefore, OSTONE distributes only white straws, the natural color of paper.

The composition of OSTONE paper straws (resistant fibers) is 99% FDA and FSC certified cellulose fibers and less than 1% FDA certified paper glue.


Amazon paper straw


You can find many sizes and designs of paper straws for sale on the Amazon platform. The objective of replacing plastic straw with paper straw is the presence of plastic, unfortunately, on all the straws sold on these platforms, the packaging is made of plastic. Sometimes packed in cardboard boxes but composed of an opening (window) covered with plastic. The intention to want to remove this material should not be limited to straw but also to packaging.

Our OSTONE paper straws are packaged in moisture resistant Kraft paper bags for our wholesale range. Our large-format straws are packaged in 100% bio-based and recyclable cardboard boxes. OSTONE packaging, sub-packaging and pallets are 100% biobased.


Kraft paper straw



There are also Kraft / Cardboard straws that are stronger than conventional paper straws. However, kraft paper straws often come from recycled paper, the recycled paper itself was made from printed paper and ink components that can be toxic to food contact. Paper straws must be produced with virgin components to ensure food safety standards.

The origin of the cellulose paper from OSTONE straws is 100% virgin


Cheap paper straws from China


The low-price paper straws from China are of very low quality, unfortunately they currently represent most straws on the market. Their attractive price allowed them to conquer the market easily. Unfortunately, their price is justified by a selection of the cheapest cellulose pulp on the market, in disrespectful working conditions and with equipment in poor condition. An employee’s salary would be around € 200 per month. Many small factories do not have the means to certify their products and sometimes issue falsified food contact certificates!

The paper straw market is booming in China, the situation should stabilize in the coming years with the emergence and rapid differentiation of larger groups.

OSTONE selects its suppliers rigorously, ensures the authenticity and validity of the certificates, visit, audit, traces the origin and requests visibility on the operations of the factory before entering into negotiations.

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