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OSTONE™ Recycling Advice Paper Straw


Our mineral paper straws and our strong fibers straws are made only from food grade materials, no hazardous or toxic materials are included in their composition.


- Landfill or incineration, in France use of the green bin.

RECYCLING (recommended):
- Commercial / industrial composting
- Recycling of paper / cardboard, in France use of the yellow bin.

Can our straws be recycled in conventional recycling centers?
Yes our straws are recyclable in conventional recycling centers but some local authorities can use the general waste treatment flow.

 Can the mineral paper straw be recycled despite the 10% HDPE used?
Straw made of mineral paper is accepted by the conventional paper recycling industry. HDPE used in our mineral straws is non-toxic to humans, soils and the environment.
In the case where our mineral straw is thrown in the nature, after 12 months what becomes the 10% of HDPE?
Our mineral straw is photodegradable. When the straw is completely degraded (past 12 months), there is no presence of microplastic because the resin (HDPE) is oxidized to 1.4 ppm of nitrous oxide (N2O) and 65 ppm of monoxide of carbon (CO). Thus only the calcium carbonate remains, in other words the stone powder.

Why is the HDPE of our straws photodegradable?
During the manufacturing process of the paper making up our mineral straws, the long chains of polyethylene (HDPE) molecules are stretched and broken, allowing complete degradation if they are photodegraded (UV) or burned.


Why use HDPE in mineral paper straw?
The HDPE that is used in our mineral straw is not used as a plasticizer like most products on the market but as a caking agent. Indeed, the calcium carbonate molecules will be able to bind to the polyethylene molecules. HDPE can be compared to the “squellette” of the structure.
In what material are the different components of packaging and packing?
The individual protective film is composed only of cellulose-based paper. Our wholesaler bag is made of kraft paper with a thin layer of polyethylene to protect the straw from moisture. Our retail box and our cartons used for packing are both only made of cellulose kraft paperboard.
Is it possible to customize the individual protective film with a logo?
Yes it is possible to customize the protective film with the logo of your company. This customization must include a single color. The minimum order quantity must be equal to or greater than 100,000 units to perform this customization.
Is Food Grade FDA certification valid internationally?
The food grade certification issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is recognized internationally, including in the USA.
What is the source of our materials?
Our wood pulp, our stone powder and our polymer come exclusively from suppliers based in Asia. Our stone powder is not synthesized in the laboratory, we use natural stone from certified, strictly controlled quarries.
Are the forests used to produce our straws managed sustainably?
Yes, the cellulose-based paper we use in our 2 straws comes from sustainably managed forests, we have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.
What happens to our straws during incineration?
This video shows the burning of one of our mineral paper straws and compares it with straw made of PLA (bio-plastic). Youtube video link


Is a production in France envisaged for the future? Do you work on other products?
Yes we have different development projects. We would like to eventually make "Made in France" while maintaining our rates price. We are also working on the development of other products, especially mineral paper cups and bottles. We are also working on the development of flexible paper straws.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information / clarifications.

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